We’ll tell you a secret. In order to commemorate our new start at our revitalized school building next year, your Pinckney PTO is planning on providing a free “Back To The Future” (get it?) themed t-shirt to EVERY Pinckney student. The cost to do this is $1,000+. PTO earns ALL of our funding primarily through 2 events: running parking at the KU Rowing Regatta (Oct.) and our Really Big Sale (March.). We were lucky enough to get outside volunteers for parking, meaning we didn’t have to have Pinckney parent volunteers. But we don’t have outside volunteers for The Really Big Sale. This one is on us, so we need your help. Just 2 hours of your time on either Friday or Saturday. We’ve ONLY got 7 days left and lots of open slots. Thanks in advance!
Donations: Also, if you or anyone you kno w have items you would like to donate to the sale, here are the remaining drop-off times. The storage containers are behind the school at 1430 Haskell this year.
o Feb. 15th 5-6pm
o Feb. 16th 7-8pm
o Feb. 17th ALL DAY

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