This Saturday, from 6-7:30pm at East Heights, our Pinckney Elementary community is gathering for our annual Back To School Potluck. Every year everyone is really great about bringing a fantastic dish to share, so please do (remember to mark your dishes/utensils with name/phone #).

Meg Lyles is putting a lot of hard work into organizing this event and she could use a little help. Please visit this event’s Sign Up Genius at and see if you can’t pitch in a little to help make this event another success. Remember that our Pinckney PTO is “parent-powered” and every event we put on for the benefit our ourselves, our children and our staff needs all of us working together whenver we can. We do appreciate your help!


We have a few events on our calendar that are still looking for someone to step up and organize. I know I’ve been approached by many people, particularly those new to Pinckney, asking for ways they can become involved more with our school community. Taking on one of these events is a GREAT way to get involved in your child’s school, and we provide plenty of support.

Currently, we are looking for someone to organize both the Fall and Spring Staff Luncheon. Fall Staff Luncheon, is Thurs. Nov. 10th and Spring Staff Luncheon is Thurs. Feb. 23rd. Please contact us at if you would like to help out! Thanks!

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