Hi Pinckney Panthers,

If you are doing some holiday shopping online, and I know you are, you should start here and earn some eBoxtops for Pinckney while you shop:


And don’t forget this. Those of you that say, “But I don’t buy any of those products with Boxtops labels on them,” have no excuse to not earn eBoxtops by watching a cute little video or answering a few questions about the things you DO buy. Our kids benefit directly from your efforts; every cent we earn is used in Pinckney’s classrooms.


Lastly, if you need another reason to bust out your scissors and scour your pantry for Boxtops, consider this: Eudora has collected almost $3500.00 in Boxtops this year. We have a measly $621.00. GET ON IT, Pinckney. Don’t let those little 10-cent scraps of paper go to the recycling center or landfill—bring them in and stuff them in the tall skinny blue box. You don’t need a collection sheet or anything fancy to gather them in or on. Heck, you can even stuff in the whole cereal box if it is too much trouble to pull off the lid or trim the boxtop. Spread the word to your family and friends!


~ Karla Hughes

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