Pinckney Elementary School in Lawrence, Kansas, USA, is collaborating with Van Go, Inc., a local arts-based social service agency that employs underserved and high-needs youth, to beautify a vital safe passageway – the Pinckney Tunnel. We want to turn something we need into something we love.

Built in the 1950s, the Pinckney Tunnel links two historic neighborhoods that lay at the feet of Mount Oread, the University of Kansas, and the birthplace of the Civil War. The tunnel provides safe passage underneath a busy multiple-lane highway and opens into the elementary schoolyard, supporting the healthy habit of walking to our neighborhood school. Students, joggers, elderly and disabled residents, and others in the community all rely on the tunnel staying passable and safe, and Pinckney’s Parent-Teacher Organization believes it can be inspiring and beautiful, too.

In this project, young artists in Van Go’s JAMS program (Jobs in the Arts Make Sense) will develop, paint, and then install a mural in the Pinckney Tunnel. This mural will be painted on metal panels and treated to resist the temperature and moisture conditions of the tunnel, making it a permanent installation that will deter crime and graffiti, reclaim a public space that leads to a school serving a low-income population, and inspire hope and pride by linking communities through amazing, youth-created art.

Our community is passionately coming together to support this project. Will you join us?

Rocket Hub is an “All & More” funding mechanism: If we don’t reach our goal, we get to keep what we raise. But if we do reach our goal, we get access to exciting opportunities through Rocket Hub. If we surpass our goal, the additional funds will be kept for maintaining our mural.

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  1. Jen O! says:

    We will be selling Lemonade again before the home KU Football game on Saturday! Please visit us at 9th and Louisiana right on the grassy corner! We are willing to sell lemonade, hot cider and hot chocolate throughout the Football season as long as YOU ARE WILLING to CONTRIBUTE! Last week this stand alone raised $65 on just a dollar here and a dollar there, so please stop by and quench your thirst plus support the Mural Beautification Project!

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