Hello Pinckney Families!

The 6th street pedestrian tunnel project fundraising is still an ongoing process.  We have a small committee organizing several fund raisers throughout this year in order to fund an exciting art mural project in the tunnel in collaboration with Van Go artists.  If you would like to be a part of this committee please let Melinda Toumi or Jenny Skillman know.

One of the fund raisers we are counting on this Fall to make this project a reality is a series of lemonade stands before the KU football games.  If you remember, this is a similar effort to the stands we have several years ago for first fundraiser we had for the tunnel which raised an impressive $700!  We are hoping for a similar results.

If you could donate items for the main lemonade stand or if you and/or your Pinckney student would like to come help at the main stand that would be awesome.  If you’d like to have your own stand please let me know and I will provide a poster and tunnel project info hand outs for you.  The kids have a lot of fun with this and every little bit helps!

Here are the items we are thinking about “selling” for a donation:

  • fresh lemonade (we could also use disposable cups)
  • cold bottled water
  • KU face stickers or tattoos
  • assorted cookies/KU decorated cookies, 1-3 wrapped in baggies
  • off street parking (if you can park cars) for a donation
  • red and blue KU color Mardi Gras beads
  • + any other ideas you might have

Spread the word:

Pinckney Tunnel Project Lemonade Stand
Saturday, September 1st, 3-6 PM

Jennifer Harris


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